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Cell Phone Screens
This is my collection of phone screens, I have 2 sizes and thay are formatted for my LG 9800 phone, but can be used for most other phones, just pick the size best suted for your phone.

Of course you can use the Vrizon or other service to “buy” background screens, but at $1.99 or higher a pop that just does not make sense as there are so many places to get cool backgrounds.

The screens here were collected in the UseNet groups, for many I do not know who the original author or artist is, or weather or not any of these are copyrighted. If you see something that is copyrighted let me know and I will remove the graphics post haste.

To install them on your phone just right click the screen you want, save it to your PC and move/copy it to your phones memory card.

The rest of the install is up to you.
For technical info on screen size and how they were cropped scroll to the bottom of the page.
Screen Name Front Screen 320x198 Inside Screen 320x230
Cobert Flag
Flags, Patriotic
Cell Phone Front Cobert Flag Cell Phone Inside Colbert Flag
Eagle Flag
Flags, Patriotic
ECell Phone Front agle Flag Cell Phone Inside Eagle Flag
Statue of Liberty
Flags, Patriotic
Cell Phone Front Statue of Liberty Cell Phone Inside Statue of Liberty
Riding With The Flag

Sorayama Hajime
Flags, Patriotic, Cool
Cell Phone Front Riding With The Flag Cell Phone Inside Riding With The Flag
Liberty Girl
Patriotic, Cool, Fantasy
Cell Phone Front Liberty Girl Cell Phone Inside Liberty Girl
Amanda Tapping
Flags, Photo, Girls
Cell Phone Front Amanda Tapping Cell Phone Inside Amanda Tapping
Photo, Girls, Blues, Cool
Cell Phone Front Breathe Cell Phone Inside Breathe
Pink Floyd
Photo, Girls, Cool
Cell Phone Front Pink Floyd Cell Phone Inside Pink Floyd
The Ride
By Keith Parkinson
Fantasy, Blues, Cool
Cell Phone Front The Ride by Keith Parkinson Cell Phone Inside The Ride by Keith Parkinson
Barbarella 4
Fantasy, LowColor
Cell Phone Front Barbarella 4 Cell Phone Inside Barbarella 4
Jim Warren
Fantasy, Blues, Cool
Cell Phone Front Peeking Jim Warren Cell Phone Inside Peeking Jim Warren
by Kim Syberg
Fantasy, Neutral
Cell Phone Front Freya by Kim Syberg Cell Phone Inside Freya by Kim Syberg
LowColor, Simple, Neutral, Whites, Girls
Cell Phone Inside Shayla Cell Phone Inside Shayla-1
Bleeding Sun 1280
Reflective, LowColor, Simple, Neutral, Whites
Cell Phone Front Bleeding Sun Cell Phone Inside Bleeding Sun
Yellow Paint
Reflective, Yellows, Warm
Cell Phone Front Yellow Paint Cell Phone Inside Yellow Paint
Happy Gnome
Anime, Toons Funny
Cell Phone Front Happy Gnome Cell Phone Inside Happy Gnome
Yes Sir
Anime 25
Anime, Neutral, Girls
Cell Phone Front Yes Sir Anime 25 Cell Phone Inside Yes Sir Anime 25
Donald Duck
Toons, Funny, Cool
Cell Phone Front Donald Duck Cell Phone Inside Donald Duck
Vargas Girl 41
PinUp, Girls, Cool
Cell Phone Front Vargas Girl 41 Cell Phone Front Vargas Girl 41
Aqua Night
Space, Cool, Blues
Cell Phone Front Aqua Night Cell Phone Front Aqua Night
Colorful Sky
Manhattan Beach California
Photo, Scenic, Warm
Cell Phone Front Manhattan Beach California Cell Phone Inside Manhattan Beach California
Another Day in Paradise

Photo, Scenic, Cool
Cell Phone Front Another Day in Paradise Cell Phone Inside Another Day in Paradise
Ari Atoll

Photo, Scenic, Cool
Cell Phone Front Ari Atoll Maldives Cell Phone Inside Ari Atoll Maldives

Tech Info
Although I formatted these screens for the LG 9800 phone, they of course should work on any other phone, they are standard jpeg files.

Screen Sizes:
What are labeled the "Front" screen is 320 pixels wide by 198 pixels high while the "Inside" screen is 320 pixels wide by 230 pixels high, that explains why you can't really use the same graphic for both screens, well of course you can, but if your using this phone you will notice on the front screen the bottom status bars take up more room then they do on the inside screen.  You can see this on the graphic "Bleading Sun" I added a white space on the bottom of both screens, you can not see this white space on my phone, adding the graphic without the white space will place the image lower and the phones status bar will cover up some of the graphic that makes this screen look cool, if you have Ideas for fixing these for other phones send me an email, perhaps your status bar covers up the top and not the bottom, I am open to suggestions or ideas.

I used pantshop pro to size and crop these, on some of these screens you may see a white, gray or other color border on the bottom of the screen, these borders will not be seen on your phone, they are covered by the status bar which is a different size for both screens, that makes sense right?

To get these on your phone, as I said on the top of the page just use your memory card.  Another way to get screens on your phone is to use a program like BitPim to connect to your phone, but I noticed that this program has its own idea on what size your graphics should be and I never did like the way they were cropped, and if you try to add these BitPim will resize and or crop them once again, but BitPim is good for managing the other data on your phone

If your wondering what the tags are, don't they are for my use <g> .... ErstO out