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Welcome to my lyrics collection

This collection is not intended to compete with the countless on-line collections you can find on the Internet, and then again this collection is not posted as a money maker with banners, flash, nor am I attempting to hijack your browser (yes some of them try to do that), its just a collection of stuff I like, and the mood I am in.

if you find it useful more power to you, if its not what your looking for don't bother complaining, this is my collection, not yours.

You may notice most of my current list deals with lost love, the broken hearted me kind of love, or having to leave a love, its wrong to let you go, or just the pain of loneliness and wishing maybe you will be there.

If you get lost just click "ErstWorks" to find your way back to my page

For something really neat, check out Lisa Nova's tribute to Jackie Willson with this short video "Lonely Teardrops"

ErstO out